Welcome! Join us on the Diaspora Day! Belgrade – Serbia 2017

by NikolaTesla


Join us on the Diaspora Day!

Participate in projects, panels, roundtables, exhibitions and competitions

Join us on the Diaspora Day!
Participate in projects, panels, roundtables, exhibitions and competitions

The Diaspora Day is a program established a year ago by reputable organizations from the Diaspora and Serbian academic community, and extended to Serbian communities in the region.

The Diaspora Day is attended by representatives of the motherland and the Diaspora, students and pupils form the Diaspora, the region and Serbia, organizations from the Diaspora, ambassadors, as well as highest-ranking representatives of universities in Serbia.

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July 6, 2017

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Topics for the Diaspora Day in 2017:

  • Connecting with the Diaspora: cooperation and development; realization of diasporas potentials
  • The Diaspora, youth and entrepreneurship in Serbia; Young diasporas return and engagement
  • Pensions and other incomes of the Diaspora in Serbia
  • Serbian language and Diaspora
  • Nikola Tesla as the unifier of the Serbian national corpus.

TeslaTalk, Studenica Foundation and other projects supported and developed by the Diaspora Days will be presented during the Diaspora Days. The presentations will be followed by the closing ceremony and the cocktail.

Organizers: Singidunum University , Tesla Science Foundation USA and Tesla Science Foundation Serbia, with the support of Studenica Foundation USA, Serb National Federation USA, Serbian cultural and educational society “Prosvjeta” Austria, Organization of Serbian Students Abroad, Serbian Heritage Foundation (“Matica iseljenika”) and others who have supported our program.


Plenary session

Academic Vladimir Kostic, president of SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art)

Vladan Vukosavljevic, Minister of culture and information Republic of Serbia

Milovan Stanišić, president of Singidunum University

Michael Djordjevic, president of Studenica Foundation, USA

Nikola Lončar, president of Tesla Science Foundation, USA

Srđan Mijalković, president of Prosvjeta, Vienna, Austria

Ljubomir Aleksov, Member of the Parliament of Hungary

Stane Ribič, president of the Savez srpskih društava Slovačke

Ognjan Krstić, president, Savez Srba Rumunije

Miograd Mića Jakšić, president of Matica iseljenika

Other expected speakers and attenders are:

Boris Vukobrat, France, president of Peace and Crises Management Foundation, Paris, Marina Hjuson, Hungary, Serbia, Dušica Protić NY, Stefan Popović, Melburn, Australia, Olivera Radović,vice president of Српско привредно друштвo Привредник из Загреба, Desko Nikitović, Chicago, Slavica Petrović, owner and main editor of “Ogledalo” Chicago, Vida Vučković Germany, Marina Swabich Los Angeles, Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Philadelphia, Marco Pearsson, Sweden, Miroslav Jovanović, Moscow, Russia, Aleksandar Jakovljević, president of OSSI (Organizatio of Serbian Students Abroad), Olga Danilović, Austria, prof dr Miroslav Trifunovic, Netherlands, etc.



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