Joint projects of Tesla Science Foundation & Teslina naučna fondacija Srbija

by NikolaTesla

Joint projects of TSF and TNFS:

• 32 busts of Nikola Tesla have been installed in Serbia, Srpska Republic and around the world (until the end of 2022)

• 12 large Tesla Spirit Award reliefs were installed and presented

• Deserving individuals and organizations are awarded the Order of Nikola Tesla, a medal and a gold Tesla Spirit Award plaque for their contribution to nurturing the image and works of Nikola Tesla.

Our conferences represent working sessions with the desire to get to become familiar with each other personally and professionally and to establish the best possible organization designed to pursue objectives of mutual interest. We are all volunteers and everything we do is done out of love for Tesla and Tesla’s people.

In all our projects, both organizations (TSF and TNFS) deal with research and realistic presentation of the situation. Both organizations are voluntary and in 90 percent of cases we support ourselves independently. We invite all interested individuals and organizations, admirers of the character and work of Nikola Tesla, to help the realization of projects initiated by the Tesla Scientific Foundation and implemented in the USA, Serbia, Srpska Republic and around the world with their donations:

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