by NikolaTesla

You are invited to participate!

Dear friends:

January 11, 2020 at the New Yorker Hotel in NYC, the Tesla Science Foundation will hold its 8th Annual Tesla Spirit Award Conference. This year’s conference will also be a celebration to TSF’s 10th Anniversary. We will have guests and speakers from all over the world and with a variety of experience, broken down into three groups.

The morning program will begin with progress reports from various Tesla organizations, connecting all of the great work each group does, and to encourage us all to continue to work together for our common goals and to advance Tesla’s legacy. This is a great opportunity for like-minded individuals and groups to come together, learn about each other’s work, and inspire more great progress for all of us.

Second, we will have the “Tesla Ways” program, where routes in the US and Canada will show important Tesla sites. We will demonstrate the new website and software that will show us all of the places Tesla lived and worked during his 60 years in the US.

Part three of the program will be “How to Make a Tesla Club at Your School” and is designed to assist startup chapters in schools, universities, community centers, libraries and the like. TSF has been helping spread interest in Tesla this way for almost 5 years, working with the Tacony Academy, Franklin Institute, and the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. We have a great network of teachers, artists, engineers and more.

The whole day will also feature an art exhibit, where Tesla-related art from the past year will be on display. There will also be displays of equipment that we hope will be used in future Tesla clubs.

In the evening, there will be a Teslin Narod panel discussion (in Serbian) organized by TSF, the Serbian Consulate in New York, and the program will be led by Katarina Radivojevic, one of Serbia’s most popular actresses.

We will be recording the entire program and will post it to TeslaTalk.tv and there will be a team interviewing speakers in the New Yorker’s Tesla Room, Room 3327, where Tesla lived for many years. The film crew has been working for three years on a film about Tesla enthusiasts that will include our program.

We hope you will be able to make it and be involved!

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